Meet The Team

President & Co-Founder

Najaaz Nabhan

“Project Pixel was born from a desire to create a meaningful impact for the local community through the world of gaming.”

Our Teams

We have five distinct teams, each with its own area of expertise.


  • Design and implement game mechanics and features using Unity with C#.
  • Collaborate with graphic designers and sound producers to integrate graphics, animations, and audio into the game.
  • Write clean, efficient and well documented code which is optimized for different platforms.
Key Responsibilities:

Coding Game Logic & Physics: Implementing the rules and mechanics that govern the game world.
User Interface Programming: Building the menus, buttons, text boxes, and other elements that players interact with.
Input/Output Handling: Managing the controls and responses of the game to player actions.
Performance Optimization: Ensuring that the game runs smoothly and efficiently on various hardware setups.
Bug Fixing: Identifying and resolving issues in the code to improve the overall gaming experience.

Team Leads

Aashish Raja
Turtle Odyssey

Antosh Nikolak
Colour Dash & Chef’s Last Stand

Team Members

Benjamin Brixton

Lishan Xu

Manya Mittal

Adam Ashley

Milan Zeki

Olivia Aurora

Emily Johnston


  • Create high-quality 2D graphics for characters, environments, sprites, logos and icons
  • Use tools like Photoshop and Aseprite.
  • Optimize graphics for high performance across various platforms.
  • Create interactive animations for sprites and transitions
  • Iterate on designs based on feedback from stakeholders.
Key Responsibilities:

Designing Artwork: Creating animated or pixelated artwork for characters, environments, and collectables to enhance the game’s visual appeal.
Creating Keyframes: Producing keyframes for smooth animations.
Collaborating with Programming Team: Working with the programming team to ensure that designs are feasible and align with the game’s mechanics.
Designing User Interface Elements: Crafting user interface elements such as menus, end screens, and other interactive components to improve player experience.

Team Leads

AlAnood Alriyami

Team Members

Jake Holden

Adam Arif

Jay Harrison


  • Use Professional software like FL Studio and GarageBand to craft music and sound effects.
  • Compose music and sound effects that match the game’s mood and actions.
  • Conduct regular testing and refinement to ensure that the audio experience meets the highest standards.
Key Responsibilities:

Music and Sound Creation:  Composing music and designing sound effects from scratch using professional software like FL Studio and GarageBand.
Instrument Expertise: Having a deep understanding of various musical instruments to create diverse and rich soundscapes.
Quality Control: Conducting regular testing and refinement to ensure that the audio experience meets the highest standards.
Adaptability: Crafting audio that matches the game’s mood and actions, making the game world come alive.
Team Collaboration: Working closely with the rest of the teams to ensure audio elements blend seamlessly with the game’s design.

Team Leads

Usmaan Tariq

Team Members

Arthur Scrivener

Nahyan Khan

Dan Lockwood


  • Collaborate with other game design members to brainstorm and conceptualise amazing game ideas.
  • Iterate on designs and game mechanics based on feedback from the Project Pixel team.
  • Give and receive constructive feedback on reports with industry trends and the best practices in 2D game design.
  • Research for which factors and aspects of a game are engaging and implement them into the game design.
Key Responsibilities:

Storytelling: Crafting intricate storylines within the gaming universe.
Character Design: Breathing life into diverse characters that resonate with players.
Gameplay Mechanics: Collaborating with the Programming team to turn creative visions into engaging gameplay mechanics.
Balancing: Ensuring a fair and enjoyable gaming experience by balancing game elements.
Collaboration: Working closely with various teams to create a cohesive gaming experience.
Creative Problem-Solving: Using creativity and innovation to overcome design challenges.
Feedback and Iteration: Continually improving game design based on feedback and iterative testing.

Team Leads

Abdallah Kayed Ali Khorma

Team Members

AlAnood Alriyami

Martin Chien

Iva Koleva

Chian Ying Xuan


  • Boost Project Pixel’s presence within the University using social media
  • Maintain and update the project website.
  • Organizing product launches and keep continuous engagement with stakeholders.
  • Effectively manage the budget of Project Pixel to ensure the project runs smoothly.
  • Promote and market the games developed to raise money for a charitable cause.
Key Responsibility:

Creating and Managing Posts:  Developing content for various platforms to engage with the audience and promote the project.
Managing Social Media Accounts:  Overseeing the project’s presence on platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn.
Arranging Events: Organizing events to showcase the project, engage with the community, or raise funds.
Updating the Project’s Website:  Ensuring that the project’s online presence is up-to-date and accurately represents the project.
Representing the Team: Acting as a spokesperson or liaison for the team in various contexts.

Team Leads

Najaaz Nabhan

Team Members

Randi Chandrasena


Born from an idea at a Sri Lankan Society event on April 1st, 2023, we founded the University of Sheffield’s first software-based student-led project. Officially registered on May 26th, we started with a small team and a plan written in Notion.

Aamir Mohammed Thahir Ali

Najaaz Nabhan


Jakub Bala

Julius Vander Arend

A student-led project creating 2D games for charity.


Project Pixel
The University of Sheffield
Western Bank
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